Livescribe Smartpen


I was born in the dark ages, prior to computers, smartphones and digital media. I was raised with pen and paper as the main way to capture fleeting creative ideas. I still treasure my many paper books, although I am a self-subscribed futurist and love electronic books. Call me a centrist.

Imagine my delight when along comes a most incredible product that blurs the line between the old world and the new: Livescribe’s Smartpen. With this beautiful little device, you can hand-scribble your brilliant notes and drawings into a notebook, and it is turned instantly into text in Livescribe’s ipad or iphone app. Or record audio and it’s instantly saved. Your digital notes then become shareable and searchable.

The Smartpen also transfers addresses and phone numbers to calendar and phone apps. Starting at $150, it’s a steal, however it’s now IOS only, Android to come.

Old school meets the new school. I’m in heaven!

Read: The Verge Article on Livescribe’s Smartpen


Buy: Livescribe’s Smartpen


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