Nikon D5300 w/ Wifi

Ok, I admit, I’m a gadget hound. But cameras are a particular tech gadget that I love to study. I was a photo art student, steeped in the realm of black and white photos, darkrooms and enlargers (as well as stinky chemicals), but  succumbed to the digital world of photography. And I’m much better for it.

Today’s non-mechanical cameras are no longer nuts and bolts easy-to-understand cameras, as they were for almost two hundred years. But the essentials of artistic expression never change. It’s in the eye of the artist. True artists need great tools. The Iphone is not enough.

And that’s why Nikon added Wifi to it’s newest digital rock star, the Nikon D5300 — to compete with the damned Iphone. Now you can upload images to phone and tablet wirelessly. The D5300 also is lighter, with a new sensor, settings and GPS for sharper images.

In other words, for prosumers like myself that have been waiting to upload to social networking sites with our better cameras, it’s time to buy.

Read this review of the Nikon 5300 in TechRadar.

Buy: Nikon D5300 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS


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