Julia Margaret Cameron: Photographer

Julia Margaret Cameron

I have a degree in fine art photography, so Julia Margaret Cameron’s exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City naturally piqued my interest. It’s the first ever exhibit for Cameron for the Met, and the 35 photos are from their own collection.

Julia Margaret Cameron, British photographer (1815-1879), took up the camera at age forty-eight and made more than a thousand images over the next fourteen years. She photographed some of the most revered figures of the times as well as family and friends. Her style pushed the medium, although critics of the day were quite severe in their dismissal of the soft focus and longer exposures which gave the photographs a “Feminine” aura.

I love her work and recommend that you read more about her and maybe even buy a book of photos for your Kindle pleasure. Be sure to take in the Met exhibit if you are in New York City. Mesmerizing!

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