B.B. King’s Birthday?

BB King

Some personal history is in order here. After all, if you know a little about me, you’ll know why I recommend things, right?

I was married to a Rock and Roll history college professor. There, I said it. So who do you think we listened to? Right, early rock and roll influencers, like B. B. King. I learned to love early R&B music so much, my Ipod is currently filled to the brim with artists like B.B, Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, Etta James, CoCo Taylor and so many more.

B.B. King was a perfect blend of country, rock, R&B, soul and jazz. And he’s a genius! That’s why we’re honoring his 88th birthday! But first, before you stock up on his music, check out an excellent bio on him:

Discography, biography and overview of B.B King’s career and music: allmusic.com

That said, here are top picks from B.B.’s stellar career:

    Buy: Live at the Regal

   Buy: Ultimate Collection