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Mark Bittman

When I first heard Mark Bittman speak at the TED convention, I understood for the first time the impact humans have on the environment by eating meat.  I also own a copy of the tome, How to Cook Everything, a wonderful and essential guide to all the basics I never learned about as a child.

Speaking of Julia Child, she would be so proud of Mark Bittman’s new app: How to Cook Everything, free from the Itunes Store. I love that it emphasizes kitchen basics training as well as great recipes. I get a Push every week for some very interesting and provocative recipes. This week: Chocolate Tofu Pudding. I’ll get my daughter right on that.

I really like the Most Popular section, ’cause you can see which recipe rocks the world. Believe me, give this App a try!

Mark Bittman      Download: How To Cook Everything App

World Spirit    Watch: Mark Bittman TED Talk (click HEALTH) (SORRY, WEB ONLY IT’S FLASH)