SandBox (Let’s Play) App: Coming Soon

We at SandBox TOP100 not only want you to find and enjoy great content, but own it, access it and display it, all in one place. That’s why we are developing a superior app for Smartphone and SmartTV, called (of course) SandBox (Let’s Play) TOP100.

This app contains all the applications, e-books, music, photos & videos you can handle and it’s multi-user, so you can share content with friends, family and colleagues via screensharing.

The best part? Apps, lots of them, within the Sandbox app itself, like Skype, hipchat, Evernote, Iheartradio, YouTube, Wikipedia, and more.

Our hope is to get you hooked on the great content we are recommending for you here. Become a follower of our blog and stay up to date on all the coolest digital media in the world! Share with friends, family and colleagues.

When our app is available, we’ll shoot you a post.